fredag 25 november 2011

Metrosällskapet: Moran

Den brittiska skribenten Caitlin Moran är sannerligen underhållande som sällskap på morgonmetron. I morse förklarade hon, med hög röst:

[The] injunction for all women to have children isn´t in any way logical. If you take a moment to consider the state of the world, the thing you notice is that there are plenty of babies being born; the planet really doesn´t need all of us to produce more babies.
Particularly First World babies, with their ferocious consumption of oil and forest and water, an endless burping-out of carbon emissions and landfill. First World babies are eating this planet like termites. If we had any real perspective on fertile, Western women, we´d be jumping on them in the streets screaming, "JESUS! CORK UP YOUR NETHERS! IMMUNISE YOURSELF AGAINST SPERM!"
If we could remember this for more than ten seconds at a time, women would never be needled with "So - when are you going to pop one out?" again.

(ur How To Be a Woman)

Obs! Caitlin Moran pratar alltså här om det yttre kravet på kvinnor att föda fram barn, inte om kvinnans/människors subjektiva längtan efter det.

För övrigt gläder det mig att också Anna-Lena Laurén bloggar om sina metroupplevelser. I dag, t ex, den här scenen/synen.

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